In Clashy Clouds you play as cloud that is thoroughly fed up with everyone polluting.
Your main goal is to keep the nearby cities from polluting the air by making sure they don't want to work. An unhappy city is an unproductive city.
Take care of the smog that comes from the happy cities, and make sure to absorb some water vapor from the nice clouds spawning from nearby the lakes.

Arrow Keys - Move around
Space - Rain
Q, W, E, R - Special Abilities

Q - Lightning - A lightningstrike that reduces the happiness of a city underneath your cloud.
W - Monsoonm- The monsoon instantly reduces happiness of two random cities on the map.
E - Hurricane - Blows all other clouds off the map leaving it clear.
R - Rainbow - This skill will leave everyone in such awe that you will win the game.

- Move cloud with arrow keys
- Gather pink clouds to get more water and charge up skills
- Avoid smog clouds to survive
- Make sure cities stays unhappy to avoid more production of smog
- Survive for as long as possible and gather as many pink clouds possible
- Gather enough pink clouds to use the rainbow skill

Made by:
@wupto - Programming
@NatashaCBR - Art
@dekdev - Art
@Geemeeofficial - Music


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